Simple Guidelines on How to Obtain ASE certification

Aside from talent and keen interest on automotive repairs, an ASE certification is an essential for those who are serious about creating a remarkable career and stay competitive in the automotive field. For dedicated auto mechanics, taking an examination for an ASE certification could complement your qualifications and working experience. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence is an accredited non-profit professional organization that certifies auto mechanics and automotive repair shops.

the key objective of an ASE certification is to demonstrate the quality of car repair services through certification of automotive professionals. This would ensure vehicle owners that the automotive repair services will be carried out professionally. If you are aiming to get certified, follow these easy steps on how to obtain ASE certification.

Acquire hands-on working experience

First, complete a formal training program for automotive service technology. Though formal education offers a substantial amount of knowledge and training, automotive service technicians are required to have two years of relevant working experience before they are allowed to take the ASE examination. The training period may vary due to some factors like the scope of work and how specialized your work can be. The required work experience can be replaced by either one year of on-the-job training program or a full two-year training program. You can gain experience from certified automotive repair shops gas stations with integrated repair shops, and car manufacturing facilities.

Focus on the specialized areas of your choice

Today, ASE certification is not limited to auto mechanics anymore. Any person whose job is related to automotive industry can take the exam. ASE certification covers nine areas of specializations including brakes, light vehicle diesel engine, automatic transmission, heating and air conditioning, engine performance, suspension, steering, electrical systems, manual drive train and axels, and engine repair. You can be certified in the above-mentioned fields upon passing the ASE examination. An ASE certificate is a formal document that proves the auto mechanic's service competence and reliability. Having an ASE certification draws more confidence from customers and employers.

Do your homework and prepare

Prepare a study plan for your ASE certification exam. The good thing is ASE and its service partners can offer you review classes. Check on the available review class schedules from your local training schools and vocational schools near you. You can equip yourself with a self-study guide to give you a much better picture of what the test looks like. ASE certification exams employ a computer-based testing system. Make sure to familiarize yourself with the testing system to avoid wasting your time during the testing date. If you know other co-auto mechanics who will also take an exam, try to create a study group with them.

Pass the examination with flying colors

Kindly check the testing locations and schedules in your vicinity. After you have registered and prepared for the exam, give yourself a little breathing room before the testing date. Relax for few days or do your routine activities at your workplace or at home. Finally, give your best shot and simply pass the ASE certification exam.